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Jose olive oil from alentejo DOP

The production of olive oil in the Alentejo region is lost in the memory of time – Romans, Visigoths and Arabs produced olive oil and it is thought that, even before the presence of these people in the region, olive oil was already produced there. Portel, where this olive oil comes from, is one of the municipalities that produce the Olive Oil from Alentejo Interior – DOP. Typically a yellowish color, between golden or greener hues, it’s associated with the flavors and aromas yielded by the following varieties of olives: Cordovil de Serpa, Cobrançosa and, mainly, Galega Vulgar. Set the table. Surprise your guests with an olive oil tasting from our selection, to the sound of some Alentejo typical singing… “Quais, quais, oliveira, olivais…”

This bottle stacks beautifully with others from the josé range, like the red wine vinegar.


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